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September 14, 1997, 5:05 - 5:55 UT, seeing 9 (with light ground fog (0 worst, 10 best), transparency 2.

Astro-Physics 7.1" f/9 EDT refractor on homemade Dobsonian-style mount. Magnification 270 - 405x with Clave prism diagonal.

Faint Equatorial Band visible in Equatorial Zone. Titan resolved as a disk and a light reddish-orange color. Southern portion of South Equatorial Belt appeared double. Inner portion of B-Ring shaded, and composed of very fine lines or spokes. I was not sure what these very fine lines or spokes were, as they did not look like spokes I had seen in books or photographs, which were usually further out in the B-Ring. Seven months later while reading the April 1998 issue of Sky and Telescope noted these fines lines that I saw were similar to those shown in a drawing made by Phillip Sidney Coolidge at Harvard Observatory using a 15" achromatic refractor back in the 1850's.

I have observed other spoke-like features in Saturn rings on other occasions including:

September 14, 1997
October 25th, 1998
August 24th, 1999
October 5th, 2001
October 6th, 2002
December 8th, 2002
January 13, 2003