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August 29th, 2003, 4:05 - 4:35 UT, seeing varied from fair to good, with clouds obscuring the view from time to time, transparency 5. Central Meridian 22.91 degrees. Diameter: 25.07", phase: 0.99%, magnitude: -2.88.

Astro-Physics 7.1" f/9 EDT refractor on Astro-Physics 800 mount. Magnification 275x - 459x with Baader binoviewer. Filters used: Baader Orange, Green, Blue.

The South Polar Cap (SPC) was appeared smaller than the last time I observed Mars and had an irregular shape to it on the right hand side.

Mare Erythraeum and Aurorae Sinus appeared mottled with many variations in tone, but this was difficult to represent in the drawing. The light colored area Pyrrhae Regio was visible also. On the preceding limb Sinus Sabaeus, Sinus Meridiani, and Decaulionis Regio were prominent.

In the northern portion of the globe a portion of Niliacus Lacus was visible. The North Polar Hood cloud and limb clouds were prominent and noticeably larger than the last time I observed Mars.