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August 24th, 2003, 4:40 - 5:15 UT, seeing varied from fair to good, transparency 4. Central Meridian 91.5 degrees. Diameter: 25.03", phase: 0.997%, magnitude: -2.85.

Astro-Physics 5.1" f/8.35 EDF refractor on home made Dobsonian style mount. Magnification 185x - 231x with Baader binoviewer. Filters used: Baader Red, Orange, Blue, Sirius Optics PC1.

The South Polar Cap (SPC) was appeared smaller than the last time I observed Mars and had an irregular shape to it on the right hand side.

Near the center of the disk Solis Lacus appeared elongated, and Coprates was visible below it. The upper right hand portion of the globe the area including Thaumasia, Ogygis, Bosporos, Regio, Phrixi Regio, Chysokeras, Ambrosia, Pontica, Bathys, and Aonius Sinus appeared mottled. The upper left hand portion of the globe including Mare Erythraeum and Bosporos Gemmatus appeared dark, with Protei Regio, and Aurorae Sinus appearing less dark.

In the northern portion of the globe the North Polar Hood cloud was visible, and larger than the last time I observed Mars. Limb clouds extended up both along both sides of the planet.