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Here are some of the lunar astrophotographs I have taken over the years.

All Photographs 2000 - 2015, Eric Jamison, All rights reserved. May not be used without written permission.

Crescent Moon with Venus, February 1988

Astro-Physics 4" f/6 used with 2x barlow. Exposure 1/15th second on ASA 100 speed film.

First Quarter Moon

Astro-Physics 7" f/9. Exposure 1/4 second on ASA 25 film.

Last Quarter Moon

Astro-Physics 7" f/9. Exposure 1/15th second on ASA 100 film.

Mare Imbrium and Plato are on the right, Copernicus is in the middle, and the crater Bullialdus is in the left.

Astro-Physics 6" f/9 using tele-extender with a 16mm eyepiece. Exposure 4 seconds on ASA 100 film.