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December 30, 2000, 0:45 - 1:00 UT, seeing 8, transparency 2. System I Central Meridian 351.0 degrees, System II Central Meridian 73.7 degrees.

Astro-Physics 5.1" f/8.35 EDF refractor on homemade Dobsonian-style mount. Magnification 185x - 205x with Baader binoviewer.

South Polar Region appeared light gray in color. Rift in SEB following GRS/RSH. Faint discontinuous Equatorial Band visible in EZ. Small blue festoon along North Equatorial Belt south (NEBs), and a bay. Red barge along NEBn, as well as small bay. Dark elongated spot along North Polar Region south (NPRs), and a dark spot in NPR near preceding limb.