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Deep-Sky Sketches

Here is a collection of some of my deep-sky sketches. For my deep-sky sketches I try to make as accurate of drawing as possible of the object, including nearby stars, but may not plot all of the stars visible in the field of view.

Like my other drawings, I make my deep-sky sketches at the eyepiece. Depending upon the object I am sketching, I may spend an hour or more recording the detail. In some cases I have returned to record additional detail in a deep-sky object on a different night. North is at the top for all drawings unless otherwise noted.

I usually make my sketches using a white pencil on black paper. However the fine detail may not show up properly on all computer monitors. So for most of the sketches I have added the same drawing on a white background.

You can select the sketches individually from the list below or select one and scroll down to the bottom and the click the arrow button to view the rest of them.


NGC 7009, the Saturn Nebula

Canis Major

M 41

Canes Venatici

M 3

M 51 The Whirlpool Galaxy

Coma Berenices

M 53


NGC 7000 The North America Nebula

NGC 6960, 6992-6995 The Veil Nebula


M 42 the Orion Nebula


NGC 1499 The California Nebula


M 17 The Swan Nebula


M 1 The Crab Nebula and Saturn

Ursa Major

M 101

Click left arrow below to view comet sketches or right arrow to view deep-sky sketches.