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Comet C2006 M4 SWAN (2006), October 22nd, 2006

Original drawing made using white pencil on black paper:
Same drawing on a white background:

Comet C2006 M4 SWAN (2006), October 22nd, 2006, 00:15 - 00:30 UT., seeing 5 (fair), transparency 5.0.

TMB Optical 175mm f/8 refractor on a homemade Dobsonian-style mount. Magnification 34x-70x, field of view approximately 1.12 degrees. North is at the upper right in this sketch, south to the lower left, east to the lower right and west to the upper left.

The comet showed a stellar pseudo-nucleus, inner coma and larger outer coma, all of which had a green-blue color to them. The gas tail extended straight back from the coma while the dust tail appeared fan-shaped on both sides of the coma.