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Comet Bradfield (C/2004 F4), April 30th, 2004

Original drawing made using white pencil on black paper:
Same drawing on a white background:

Comet Bradfield (C/2004 F4) April 30th, 2004, 4:15 - 4:35 UT, seeing 6, transparency 5. Field of view: 3.5 degrees. North is to the upper left in this sketch.

Sketch made with Oberwerk 22x100mm binoculars mounted on a tripod.

The coma was pronounced, had a greenish-bluish color to it, with the pseudo-nucleus appearing stellar. The comet had a relatively long tail through the binoculars and extended between 7 to 8 degrees. The portion of the tail closet to the coma was brighter than the rest of the tail.

This comet was named for William A. Bradfield of Australia who has discovered 18 comets since 1972. This is the second Comet Bradfield I have observed, the first one was on November 23rd, 1987.